The Otherworld Diner
A blog of humorous paranormal writers of which I'm a regular poster -- where the specials are supernatural with a side of humor.

Writer's Resources

Romance Writers of America

Virginia Romance Writers
My home chapter and one of the websites I've designed and maintain

Hearts Through History Chapter
RWA special interest chapter dedicated to historical romance

Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal Chapter
RWA special interest chapter dedicated to paranormal romance

Washington Romance Writers
Another RWA chapter I belong to, which has the best annual writer's retreat ever

Preditors & Editors
A guide to agents and editors, with warnings for disreputable ones

Absolute Write
Fantastic forums where you can get the scoop on agents and editors

Charlotte Dillon's Website
Her site has awesome links and articles for romance writers (I could repeat many of them here but why reinvent the wheel?)

Karen Fox's Website
Check out her 'Market News' and 'Show Me the Money' links

The Passionate Pen
Another great site with resources for romance writers

Research Sites

Virginia Romance Writers Links Pages
Since I'm the webmistress for the chapter, these are all my personal research links for everything from vikings to futuristics, inspirational to erotica, craft to publication. You name it, I've got a link to it on there.

Kate Monk's Onomastikon
A wonderful dictionary of historical names by region and time period

Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
A great starting point for historical research, divided by era

Updated 12/5/2008